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The Experiments Series


The world fell apart faster than anyone would have thought.
Not from nuclear war, or famine. No, the military was messing with things that should have never been tampered with. No one has the right to play god—or hire biochemists and virologists to create weapons.
But they did, and in doing so created a lethal virus that is wiping out the human race in some form or another.
They never intended for them to get out, for things to turn catastrophic in the matter of minutes, but it happened, and there’s no going back.
My name is Billie, and the military took something of mine. I will do anything—and WILL—to get it back. My immunity is the key to survival, and the Experiments extinction. But who is the real danger? The Experiments? Or the other Survivors.



Bacilli is Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Romance, and the first in the series. This story contains adult themes and situations intended for a mature audience.

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The world has changed. Along with everyone in it.
Completely mad scientist did the unthinkable. They weaponized a deadly concoction of virus’, Bacilli, and rapidly growing bacteria. All the while, genetically modifying the unborn children of… some willing surrogates.
The result? Airborne, bitten, and fluid transmission infection from creatures—both dead and mutated—nightmares are made of.
They wanted the perfect weapon. One that would spread uncontrollably across the world, infecting healthy hosts, and decimating the human race.
With the experiments a 99% failure, they tried to keep it contained. But it got out. And now, all us survivors can do is live in this new, terrifying world that brings even the strongest to their knees.
Easier said than done. I am one of those monsters. Genetically modified to be the perfect soldier, but with the tragedy of losing the only family I had left…I have lost myself completely.
Dean. Randall. Kahyl. Even Colt. They are all I have left in this mucked up new reality, and with them, I will destroy the man who has taken everything from me. And finally, find out who I am, and where I came from.

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